About Us

Scandi Down Under is a family affair, consisting mainly of myself (Steph) with input and assistance from my new right-hand-man, my brother in law Steven (better known as Tuck).

My love affair with scandi brands began with the discovery of DUNS Sweden back in those long-ago days b.c. (before children). After having kiddo #1 and #2 the love affair grew into an obsession as I discovered more and more of the gorgeous brands that we feature here in the store: Maxomorra, JNY, Smafolk and more. What to do when you realise your kids are growing fast and your days of buying gorgeous scandi wear are numbered? Why, open your own scandi store, of course!

In early 2020 we made the move from Sydney's inner west to my hometown of Adelaide, South Australia, and are now enjoying life in the beautiful Adelaide foothills. Scandi Down Under has grown to a point where I can no longer manage it all on my own (yay!) and so my lovely brother in law Tuck has come on board to help with all things scandi. Tuck is a man of many talents, he has recently completed a marketing degree and is also a qualified chef! Together we are
taking Scandi Down Under on its next journey, with some fun new labels and surprises along the way.

 Scandi Down Under - run by Steph and Tuck in Adelaide