Cissi och Selma

Cissi och Selma (or Cissi & Selma) is a boutique fashion store located in Södermalm, Stockholm. They are inspired by 50's to 70's design and believe we should all dare to dress in more colour! 

In 2007, Cissi launched her brand after her daughter, Selma, was born. Since then, Cissi och Selma have been releasing bespoke fashion built on a strong ethical foundation. Their garments are produced in Europe with GOTS and OEKO-TEX certification, and they regularly visit their manufacturers to maintain high quality and fair working conditions. 

We are very excited to bring you this wonderful brand full of retro vibes and stunning designs. Cissi och Selma may be a new discovery for us, but we have a feeling they will be a fast favourite among colour-lovers.