Coddi & Womple

Australian organic kids label Coddi & Womple captures the fleeting magic of childhood. Bringing to life - curious playwear for Coddiwomplers. Welcome, we are so happy you are here.

Join our curious world! Here bees are fairies, sticks are treasure, mud is delicious and shoes are overrated!

We are all about taking off with our kids into nature to go satisfy that never ending curiosity. This curiosity fills us to our core, we believe magic is found in the little details of our natural world. Our playwear is made for inquisitive little farmers, peaceful nature warriors, urban green seekers...for Coddiwomplers.

When your little Coddiwompler wears Coddi & Womple they are wearing our good -earthed values:

  • Gentle -   Gentle to your little ones’ skin and to the team who help bring our playwear to life. We have a wonderful relationship with our factory and chat regularly to ponder the ways of life. Every C&W garment is hand made by seriously talented people. Our factory is in Tirupur, India and is GOTS certified (globally certified organic) - in other words, from seed to stitch our fabric is 100% certified organic and was made in healthy work conditions for all involved. This ensures a living wage and reasonable working hours for everyone. A large number of employees are gifted free accommodation and work with our manufacturers for many years.
  • Curiosity - Eyes wide with wonder is where our designs begin. We are for the children and always will be. There’s no fashion here - only childhood. We playfully explore a child’s world, the earth and its creatures through designs for children whilst splashing colour galore.
  • Quality - We will only use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton - we believe kids must be dressed in natural, breathable fibres to create functional, comfortable clothing kids can be kids in. Our factory uses digital printing systems to ensure every hand drawn illustration is brought to life just how we dreamt it.

We take our quality seriously, but we live a little rough around the edges.