Mystery bags

Time for some mystery scandi fun!

Don't know what to get? Looking for a gift? One, two or multiple kids to buy for? Love bargains? Love surprises?

Introducing.... SDU mystery bags!

How it works:  1.Select your desired value for the mystery bag, or choose the new baby gift bag.  2. You tell us in the Notes field or via email to what sizes you are after and a bit about the kids (favourite brands, interests, colours etc) - or yourself if you are after some adult scandi - and we will select some items, pop them in a bag, and send to you. Too easy!

It's up to you whether you specify the child's gender. If you do not specify the gender (totally fine!) your bag may contain a dress, unless you specifically say in your note: no dresses.

Mystery bags won't contain brand new-release items, but they will be incredible value for money, representing savings of at least 30-60% off RRP.

Please note that because of the serious discounts mystery bags represent, there are no exchanges or refunds on mystery bag items.