Hats/Beanies Size Guide

Please refer to this handy chart for size conversions, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like any further help! 

Age Size in cm* Size equivalent
0-3 months 40/42cm Baby
6-12 months 44/46cm Small
1-5 years 48/50cm Medium
5-12 years 52/54cm Large
10+ years 56/58cm X-Large

*Size in cm refers to circumference of head in centimetres.

Please Note: each label and collection can differ slightly in size. Where individual sizing varies, we include sizing advice in the products description.

What's with the sizing?

If you're new to scandi wear you may be a little confused by the sizing. Don't worry, it's easy once you get used to it and in fact is usually more accurate than Aussie sizing.

Scandi (and European) sizing refers to the height or length of the child in centimetres.  If you know how long your baby or child is you can easily work out the size. For instance; if your toddler is 82cm long, you'll be looking for an 86 which will give a little room to grow as well. Scandi sizing goes up in increments of 6cm, eg 80 (12m), 86 (18m), 92 (2y), 98 (3y) etc.