Coddi & Womple T-Shirt - Thistle and the Moon (Only 2 left! 3y)

Size: 3

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I just adore this rabbit and hedgehog print tee from gorgeous Aussie kids label, Coddi & Womple!

When the sun goes down and the moon rises high a warm breeze sweeps through the night. If you are quiet you may hear Thistles' thundering paws, he is racing across the land in search of veggies! Along the way he meets Hiccup the hedgehog. And with a little help from his friend he finds those juicy carrots.

Thistle and the Moon will have little Coddiwomplers awaiting the bunnies every night the moon shines bright.

  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton - breathable, natural fibres.
  • Short sleeves for letting the warmth on your skin.
  • Perfectly sized with a full year of growing room.
  • Night sky purple with a radish red trim.
  • Simply the softest cotton in all the lands.

All Coddi & Womple prints are designed with a dream, pencil and paper. Hand drawn, the old school way and brought to life the new school way to celebrate our creatures just. as. they. are - because they are perfect as they are.

Rabbits and hedgehogs - cuteness level ULTRA!